How to Enhance Confident Writing Blog in Perfect English

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It is not only very difficult to write a blog in perfect English grammars but also impossible because there is nothing to be perfect in the world. People feel terrifying to write blog in English after having a lot of knowledge in English grammars when it is not native language. But, if you want global audiences at your blog, you have to write in English due to half of the world is associated with English and English is universal language. Even if you are a native speaker in English that is not guarantee that you are writing in perfect. Sure, you may have easier time spotting mistake like half and halves, calf and calves, there’s and theirs. Keep in mind that it is not the same thing to writing perfect and writing persuasive in English grammars.

Here I have some tips and tricks for all of you whether you are a native speaker or not, newbie or pro to increase your write skill just read carefully.

Try to write in perfect grammars

We all know that it’s not right to use preposition at the end of sentence but we make mistake due to lack of careless. That is why you need to identify all the mistakes that are happened in sentence. There are a lot of free tools and apps available on off line and online, just utilize them and correct your sentence. Those tools and apps are not act like a proofreaders those spots every error and grammars. Those tell you that what is the perfect word and where you have used comma and punctuation marks wrongly. So, it will be good practice to use this modern technology to correct sentences.

Learn English grammars

It is true that you may be good in English but not perfect. You may know sophisticated grammars but you are not able to use perfect word at perfect place in sentence at all. The truth is that language is like a living organism that is evolving with time. So, it is very difficult to be updated with language. That is why it is good idea to take tutor from online or off line. The great thing is that we are living in modern era where youtube is great innovation for learning. So, we don’t need to find tutors to be updated with time in English. Besides youtube, there are many site read to learn to make as perfect as possible. Just use modern technologies and know secrets of language.

Mark all the mistakes

There are many blog writer who don’t mark mistakes but they work hard to create a good content. I think, it’s not good way for both writing and learning in good English. It is not a matter whether I have written a good content or not but it’s a big matter that how many mistakes you have marked to correct. If you are continuous to mark the mistakes and trying to understand how to correct all those mistakes, you will be judged as a good writer after a specific time by readers. Tracking mistakes is big deals for you.

Promote yourself

If you are able to post a article on you blog that created by you, it will be good outstanding feeling special for newbie because first time you are going to share your own ideas through over the world. Sure, it will promote to go ahead for new thing writing. Always challenge yourself to create about something new that are not familiar to you. To get new ideas, read and try to guest posting someone else blog. It will help you to get out of your comfort zone. Just try to write good content to promote and enjoy yourself.

It may be very daunt feeling for creating good content at the first time but sit in front of your PC with a new document and start writing. Don’t worried how many mistakes you have. Just keep in mind that perfection will be derived from mistakes.

I hope, all the tips and tricks are very usefully for you. So, friend just read, write and share your ideas through over the world.



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